Details of file causing metadata warning?

I am just getting started with google-music-scripts, running on MBP (Catalina) in an attempt to address that Google Music Manager is no longer supported. I have about 4500 songs already uploaded and I have both new songs to upload and also some songs purchased on Play that I need to download to store on my NAS.

In running several tests using --dry-run, I get quite a few of the following message in stderr:AudioMetadataWarning:
Ignoring TYER.
Year frame values must be 4-character number strings.

I turned on verbose (using -vvvv), used -u on python3 to force unbuffered output and used 2>&1 to serialize stderr and stdout but the verbose messages I get all seem to pertain to files that are fine… I can’t tie any of them to the warning messages. I’m an old-time C programmer with limited python knowledge so my guess is that I’m just doing something wrong but I’ve tried everything I can think of. Is there some other cli option I should use? Surely there is a way to know which files are causing these warnings?

Also, I used a tag editor and scanned all my local files and find no years with text strings.


They’re text strings in ID3v2. What shows in tag editors are strings. They just are made up of number characters for TYER frames.

You can run this script from your music directory. It sets the warnings to turn into exceptions and will print out any files that raise an exception when it tries to load them.

If you would like to post/send me the files, I can take a look at them to see what’s going on. There are a lot of non-compliant ID3 tags in the wild. Many tag editors even allow frames that aren’t even supported for the ID3v2 version the tag is as well as invalid frame values. But, there’s always potential that my audio-metadata library may be reading something improperly.