gms sync down directory structure of artist/album


I’m using the download and/or sync feature for the first time (i.e. gms sync down) and I’m noticing that when it pulls the tracks from google music, all the tracks are being brought down into the same directory, they are not organized by artist and/or album name. At first I didn’t think this was going to be an issue as long as the tagging was accurate, but I’m seeing a specific issue where I have 2 different albums (same artist) that both have the same track number & name, i.e. something like “01 - Intro.mp3” and I believe which ever comes last wins the battle of the filename.


You’ll need to use the -o, --output option to define a template for the output paths. Forgot I hadn’t added a blurb about templating system yet, most people were just familiar with it from the project that this replaces.

Anyway, you’ll first want to install the development version, as I’ve made some fixes and improvements to the templating system that aren’t released yet: pip install -U git+ Then, you can define an output template using any of these tokens.

For example, gms down -o '%artist%/%album%/%track2% - %title%' would result in Beck/Guero/02 - Qué Onda Guero.mp3 for that particular track.

PS There’s no sync commands in the new version; sync functionality is built into the download and upload commands themselves. See the latest docs for more and the stable docs for the release version.


Much appreciated. I did see --output mentioning template but didn’t know what a template consisted of. Will give this a try.


I’ve now pushed some output template documentation to the latest docs.


Once you pull them down using a particular output template from google locally, is there an easy way to change/rename the local files if you wanted to change the output template after the fact? For example, I just pulled down my entire library using your suggestion but realize now that %albumartist% would have made a better parent directory than %artist%.