Help requested with --output option

I’m probably doing something dumb, but I can’t get the output option to do what I want. I’m trying to use the following option string to name my downloaded file:

--output '%artist%-%album%-%track%-%title%'

but this gives downloaded file the literal name %artist%-%album%-%track%-%title%.mp3. However, if I use:

--output '%artist%/%album%/%track%'

it will work as expected, with the directories and files named as one would expect.

Is there some escape character (or something) that I need to use in the filter in the first example?


This is definitely a bug. Until I get the fix released, you can change these lines in your installed google-music-utils package to:

elif any(
	template_pattern in part
	for template_pattern in template_patterns
	for part in

Great – thank you!