Is there still a file quality issue uploading with 2.0.0, from today (12/2018)


Hi just noticed the warning message about uploading flacs and them being bad quality, but after running --version i can see i am indeed on 2.0.0, i have just installed today though, is there still a concern with this, and should i upgrade?

Also i am running a dry-run, gms sync --dry-run /mnt/unionfs/Media/Music, can this command take a long time depending on library? Just wondering when i should say there may be an issue here.

Thanks in advance, script is cool :slight_smile:


The notice is pretty clear on what to do. And why ask instead of just taking the steps outlined just to be sure?

And, a first run does seem to take a while to load files from a large directory tree. Repeated runs on the same tree should be much quicker. I haven’t gotten around to checking if this is just an unavoidable Python thing or if I can make the first time quicker.


Well im on 2.0.0 but i have only just downloaded it, so I wasn’t expecting to need to update a fresh download. I needed to clarify that’s why i asked?


Me again, ive just successfully ran an upload, I have flac files but also dont want to do any converting on my side, so was just wondering if im best using:


Is this the correct option if i want to let google convert it on their end?

Just i ran this as a test with 2 songs;

gms sync --quiet --no-transcode-lossless /mnt/local/Media/Music

But currently the tracks fail on the Play music web ui, and are skipped, though im wondering if this is because google is converting? (it has only been a couple minutes) They were flacs.



The transcoding-related options are being removed due to them not really working well (or at all) on Google’s end. At some point in the past they did, but I couldn’t seem to get them to work properly nowadays. Since you can’t stream nor download the FLAC file anyway, it is a waste of time for me to try to support even it might still be possible. Anyone else wanting to look into it can be my guest.

Also, for the long loading time, this is a trade-off for proper validation while loading them instead of just using file extensions. This came up with my previous gmusicapi-based scripts. Python’s caching will make it run near instantly until the cache is invalidated. I haven’t decided if I want to change things with this just yet. Or if it would be possible to do so cleanly while keeping the same result.


Hi thanks for the response. So to clarify, if I use no-transcode-lossy this will upload my flac and Google will convert it?

Out of curiosity too, would I need to use a different command if I was uploading mp3s? Just my setup will be to sync a folder that may contain mp3 at some stage but mostly flac, but if I’m always running gms sync up --no-transcode-lossy what might this do to an mp3? Thanks :slight_smile: