Support for uploading *.m4a files?


I’m migrating from the gmusicapi-scripts package (since it no longer appears to work with gmusicapi > v11 due to changes in the auth mechanism).

I’m testing gms v2.0.0 on Python 3.7.2, macOS.

gms appears to ignore AAC (m4a) files, whereas gmsync used to kick off a local transcode to MP3 before uploading. I just want to check that this is correct gms behaviour, and that I’ll need to convert to MP3 first before invoking it?

Thanks for your great work on both of these projects.


It’s coming eventually. The reason google-music-scripts doesn’t support all the same formats is, because I needed to write my own audio metadata library for many reasons, including being able to properly generate client IDs for Google Music. So, google-music-scripts only supports the formats that library does, and I started, but haven’t gotten back to finishing, MP4 support in it yet. It’s most of the way there. Side note, what a horrible format to deal with MP4 is : (

Bonus over the old scripts is that they support WAV : )

TL/DR MP4 support will come eventually, once support is added to audio-metadata.


Great – thank you for the details on this. In the meantime I can just pre-transcode to MP3 … no problemo.