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thank you again for your earlier response on a different subject. As I mentioned, the library works really well for me and I would like to include it more into my project. I intend to upload the music (custom audio recordings) to some 30-odd users.

I understand that for a new user (or when the token file is missing and/or invalid) the program stops and waits for input. I am somehow concerned that it might block execution for the whole process. Is it possible to either block doing this (terminate with error if the token is not found) or set a timeout to this?

Also, is it possible to receive an execution result without examining the textual output?

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Just use the -q.

I probably won’t do that. It’s actually more difficult to do that cross-platform in Python than most people would assume. It would add a bunch of ugly code. That part is not intended to be automated. You could always monkeypatch it and/or write something custom.


Thank you for your answer. I completely agree and accept. I really like the library as it is and find it useful. I would like you to know I am grateful and appreciative for what you have done so far.

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