Are there any plans to develop an equivalent utility for YouTube Music, now that it has its own music locker functionality? I haven’t been able to find any talk about it or any similar projects yet, but it would certainly be useful as we come closer to GPM’s sunset.

ytmusicapi is a project akin to gmusicapi that somehow has already started on. Of course, it makes a lot of the same design decisions that caused me to create google-music-proto and google-music. So, I am definitely going to continue with my plans to create my own YouTube Music libraries, including a CLI application.

In fact, the day I saw that the upload/locker functionality, I whipped up some early previews of my API wrapper libraries. But I haven’t worked on them since, as I’ve been super-motivated to work on audio-metadata lately. And dealing with the YouTube Music web calls is a pain. Also, the upload/locker functionality hasn’t been rolled out to me yet, so I don’t yet have access to the only real feature I care about in a music service : P

TL/DR It’s absolutely coming. Though I’m not sure I’ll go with the -scripts naming. That kinda got inherited from when I originally made them for gmusicapi and were actually a collection of separate scripts. But, I think the naming is kinda engrained in this little community now.

Thanks for showing interest. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll publish my early preview libraries to get the stew brewing for people.

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